Types of Bras

Types of Bras and When Should You Wear Them?

There are many types of bras out there, so many that there is a bra for all kinds of breasts. Read on to find out about the different types of bras that there are and if that bra is the right kind of bra for you…

Types of bras


An underwired bra can be any type of bra, as long as it has an underwire fixed at the bottom of the bra. The function of the wire is to provide support and shape due to its underwire structure. Those with large breasts and in need of good support will benefit greatly from this bra.


Push-up bras have a lot of padding, and while it is something like a padded bra, it also has padding at the bottom of the inside of the cups. They also have the ability to push your bras upward and outward, giving an illusion that your breasts are bigger and fuller. Those with smaller breasts will get great perks wearing this.


A balconette bra has a horizontal cup cut that creates an upward lift but not inward. Also known as a balcony bra or a shelf bra, this bra helps lift the breasts to enhance the appearance, shape, and cleavage. If you’re just looking to boost your overall appearance and cleavage, this is the bra for you.


A bralette can be considered the lesser version of a bra. It has less structure compared to a normal bra and is often wireless. The design is mainly for comfort, and the style allows it to be worn like a top so it can play as outerwear. Women with smaller breasts would find this to be more comfortable compared to those with larger breasts as it offers little to no support.

types of bra


A strapless bra isn’t too much different from a regular bra, the only difference is that it doesn’t have bra straps or it could come with detachable straps. This bra can be worn under strapless clothes like tube tops and bandeau dresses. If your breasts are firm and don’t need much support, then this bra is for you.


Padded bras are essentially bras with padding inside, and help give an even, smooth look. They also help enhance cleavage and make your breasts look fuller. These bras, however, are more suitable for those with a smaller breast size as heavy padding could essentially cause pain for those with a large bust.


A minimizer bra is like a normal bra, but it gives a lot of support and is designed to evenly distribute breast tissue to make your bust look smaller. This type of bra is good for those with a large bust seeking to make their breasts look smaller.


A maximizer bra is the opposite of a minimizer bra, containing padding and underwire to make your bust seem bigger. It also has less than full coverage to ensure you have ample cleavage. This bra is suitable for those with a small chest looking to make their breasts look bigger.

Types of bra


Tube bras are like strapless bras, and are essentially fabric tubes that can be worn underneath a tube top. The difference between these bras and strapless bras is that these bras don’t have wiring or padding and thus they do not have a lot of support. If you have firm breasts and not-so-perky nipples, then this bra is suitable for you.


A t-shirt bra is like a regular bra, but it has little to no seams, which allows it to have a smooth look under even the tightest of T-shirts. The cups are molded so seams aren’t often used in a t-shirt bra. This bra is more suitable for women with evenly-shaped breasts as most of the time the cups are molded.


A racerback bra is like a normal bra, but the straps form an X shape at the back. These bras help disperse weight across the entirety of the back and add an extra angle of lift to your bust. These bras are suitable for wearing with racerback shirts and sleeveless clothing. This bra is most beneficial to women with large breasts, to help with the heavy weight of the breasts and back pain.


A plunge bra is like a push-up bra, but it has a low cut at the center so you can wear this with low-cut plunging necklines. They don’t provide as much support as balcony and full coverage bras, but this bra is suitable for women with large busts to make the cleavage look wonderful.


Types of bra

A multiway bra has detachable straps that can be worn in any way so you can wear it with different types of tops/dresses and be supported. You can even wear it like a strapless bra if you do please! If your dress requires you to have a custom strap position, the multiway bra will be your savior.

Types of bra


This type of bra sports full cups, and offers maximum coverage for breasts. It also has broader side wings so your bust doesn’t spill out from the sides. This bra is more suitable for women with a large bust, as this bra is specially designed to keep the bra in place and prevent spilling.

Cage Bra

This bra is pretty unique because it brings out the best in any breast size! It has various patterned straps that make it look like a cage, thus the name cage bra. It can look edgy, yet elegant at the same time. If you know what to pair this bra with, you’re sure to find this bra a welcoming addition to your wardrobe!

Sports Bra

Sports bras are essentially used in sports, workout sessions, etc. They provide good support and are sturdier than other bras, which helps minimize movement during exercise that could hurt otherwise. If you are an active person who likes to exercise often, you should opt for this bra.


A beginner’s bra is seamless, cupless, wireless, and doesn’t protrude out like other bras. This bra is meant to be comfortable for girls beginning to wear bras. This type of bra is typically made out of comfortable cotton material to prevent discomfort or rashes when wearing it.

Types of bra


Sheer bras, crafted of mesh or lace, are bras that are see-through. As the name suggests, these are non-padded. If you’re going for a fun & flirty look, this is the type of bra to look for.


Bridal bras are specifically designed to compliment wedding outfits and make your girls look good on your special day. A bridal bra improves your posture and the shape of your breasts and makes it easier for you to be active on your wedding day. It also reduces back pain, so you don’t have to suffer and instead focus on the party.


It is a bra meant for breastfeeding mothers. They have ample support to keep the breasts in place, and a flap to open for easy breastfeeding. The good ones also have a larger gap so the infant can feed easily.


Stick-on, sticky, or self-adhesive bras are fun to try out but have no band or strap. They’re capable of giving them support and cleavage a normal bra offers, but for the extra point that the bra isn’t easily visible under your clothing. Sometimes they come with wings for better hold but most often, they do not. If it’s the really good kind and in the right size, these little wonder bras can support large busts as well! This versatile bra is suitable for anyone to wear, and you won’t have to worry about your bra showing out of your backless outfit.

So, there are the types of bras to choose from, but you could experiment to see which bra best suits you. Your body, your rules.

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