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Underwear Collection for Women – Everyday Comfort and Style

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Your day starts with putting on a fresh pair of undies, so start it right and put on a pair you love. Going about your day knowing you’re wearing beautiful lingerie gives you that cheeky confidence that comes from knowing you and your panties look your best. Buying the right pair of underwear can be overwhelming since there are so many decisions to make – fabric types, cuts, and styles. To buy the right pair, you often end up having to look through multiple stores until you find something you like or fit properly.

Choosing Woo simplifies all that. We’re are here to take all the complicated stuff away so that you can have a seamless experience when buying panties online. We have tons of choices when it comes to colors, cuts, and sizes so figuring out what you want doesn’t feel overwhelming at all. Plus, our team has already determined which styles look best on you so finding your perfect match only takes a few clicks!

Styles of panties
  • Thongs:Thongs provide all-day comfort as well as enough stretch. This will provide the perfect fit to your body and is so soft to touch that you’ll feel comfy all day long. Perfect to wear with fitted skirts, bodycon dresses, and leggings & tights to avoid visible panty-lines.
  • Bikini Briefs: Bikini panties are always there to give you amazing comfort, and you can have them for everyday use.
  • Hipster Briefs: Hipster briefs may be worn every day since they have larger sides and low-cut leg holes that give maximum comfort and support.
  • Seamless Panties: Seamless panties provide more freedom of movement while also being more flexible and responsive to your moves. The best solution to avoid panty lines is to wear seamless panties.
  • Different Coverage Style Panties –
  1. Full Coverage Panties: Panties like high waist hipsters and boyshorts come under full rear coverage panties.
  2. Medium Coverage Panties: Panties like hipsters and bikinis come under medium coverage panties.
  3. Low Coverage Panties: Panties like thongs come under low rear coverage panties.
  • Boyshorts: Boyshorts are always here to provide you extra coverage, shape, and contour to your body and no visible panty line. You can wear this under your short party or casual dresses.
Best materials for panties

Cotton is a soft and breathable fabric which makes it the best option for you for everyday wear. For a busy day on the go or lounging on the couch, binge-watching your favorite show, cotton underwear has you covered. For special occasions, choose delicate lace and silk underwear to boost confidence and feel sexy from within.

Match your panties and bras

The feeling of having and wearing matching bras and panties is one of joy! To help you feel more put together, Woo’s panties have been designed with a variety of styles of matching bras in mind. Choose matching lingerie and get ready to take on the world!

Woo, you can choose which panties will match most with any given top and bottom from your wardrobe as we have a variety of choices. Then voila! Your perfect combo of panties is chosen every morning!