9 Best Fixes for Common Bra Pain Points

Wearing an improper size bra can cause pinched nerves, skin rashes, sagging breasts, neck aches, and a stiff back. According to one study, wearing an improper size bra all day can restrict the lymphatic system. Many women complain of a variety of health problems as a result of wearing a bra that does not fit properly.

This guide is created to assist you in identifying and resolving your specific pain areas.

1. Back Rolls

This occurs when the bands dig into your skin, resulting in a lumpy and uneven shape beneath your clothing. The bands are too thin, which causes this.

Wearing bras with thicker bands that assist in smoothing is the solution. This will alleviate the pain caused by bras cutting into back rolls.

bra pain points and solution
2. Backache

If you wear an excessively tight bra, it will limit your upper body movement and induce back discomfort. Backache can be caused by stiffness in the area around the bra strap. Wearing bras that aren’t supportive enough is a common problem.

Bras with larger bands and straps will help to evenly distribute the weight.

Bra pain points and its solution

3. Digging Straps

The straps are excessively tight, and the band isn’t providing the majority of the support. Wearing straps that are too thin for your cup size might also cause it.

As your cup size increases, you should opt for bras with wider bands and straps.

Bra Pain Points and its Solution

4. The Band Too Tight

Wearing a band that is too small is the cause of this.

Look for larger band size, or if that isn’t available, look for a band extender.

Bra Pain Points and its Solution

5. The Band Too Loose

This is frequently caused by wearing an out-of-date bra or an excessively large band size. The band of your bra stretches out with age and can become overly loose.

When purchasing a bra, make sure the tightest hook is snug to ensure the bra fits well as it ages.

Bra Pain Points and its Solution

6. Side Spillage

When your breasts fall out of the side of your cup, this happens. Double-check that the band is secure; a loose band can cause the bra to shift as you move. It’s also possible that the cups are too small.

In such a case, it is advisable to go a cup size.

Bra Pain Points and its Solution

7. Gapping

This occurs when the breast does not fill the cup. This is a common source of discomfort for women who have asymmetric, East/West, or Teardrop-shaped breasts. It’s frequently caused by overly large cups.

To ensure the best fit, we recommend measuring your cup and size down if necessary.

Bra Pain Points and its Solution

8. Uni-boob

Wearing a bra that doesn’t effectively define and separate your breasts causes what is known as uni-boob.

Wearing bras with a high center front wire is the solution.

Bra Pain Points and its solution

9. Underwire

This occurs when the underwire is too tight and digs into the skin. This might produce soreness in the ribs and along the breasts’ sides.

Wireless foam cup bras come in several styles that offer dramatic lift and comfort to women of all sizes.

Bra Pain Points and its Solution

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