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Fit and flatter your curves with our exclusive collection of shapewear. Perfect to wear with bodycon dresses at your next event, our collection of shapewear knows how to highlight your silhouette in all the right places. At Woo, we’ve created shapewear that is both comfortable and sexy! Our women’s shapewear offers powerful compression, yet it’s still breathable, lightweight, and stylish. It offers great back support and lifts your tummy to give you a perfect hourglass shape! Our shapewear uses the latest high-tech materials that will smooth and slim your body, making you look slimmer than ever before!

Our goal is to make you feel great about yourself and confident in your skin no matter what body type you have; all our Woo’s products are designed to help with this goal in mind.

Why wear shapewear?

We all have our reasons for wearing shapewear, whether that’s boosting your confidence at a special event, making sure your clothes fit better, or simply feeling more confident about how you look in general.

Types of shapewear –
  • Body Briefs Shapewear – Body brief shapewear can be worn under any of your regular day outfits to give you a smoother figure.
  • Long Leg Shapewear – Long leg shapewear straightens out your thighs and gives them a smooth appearance.
  • Corset – Corsets helps in keeping your waist straight making it look sexier with the lifted bust.
  • Saree Shapewear – A saree shapewear will properly mold your body to make you seem exquisite. If you have any fatty areas, the shapewear will cover them completely and make them look flat.
  • Seamless Shapewear – With no panty lines, seamless shapewear delivers maximum support.
  • Merry-Widow Shapewear – This shapewear comes with detachable straps providing support to your bust with a shaped waistline.
How does shapewear help with confidence?

If you’re wearing shapewear that doesn’t fit right, it can be super disheartening. If you like how your outfit looks but don’t feel comfortable because of your bulges and bumps, here shapewear comes to your help bringing smoothness out your midsection. Woo shapewear will help take inches off your waistline without sacrificing comfort or style.

How does shapewear work?

Shapewear can be used to hide smooth out bumps, support your back muscles, give you confidence and even promote weight loss in some instances. The compression fabric is intended to have a slimming effect on your shape by smoothing out bulges over time. While there’s no guarantee that shapewear will help you lose weight, it certainly won’t do any harm to wear while trying to tone up or lean out.

Why buy shapewear online?

Buying shapewear online provides some unique benefits: convenience, variety, value. With today’s busy lifestyles, it can be tough to find time to shop for shapewear in person at a brick-and-mortar store. Shopping online allows you to easily browse hundreds of shapewear products that are available for quick delivery. This has quickly become an increasingly popular option for those who want flattering undergarments with no hassle.

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