What are full-on-top breasts

What Are Full-on-top Breasts?

Full-on-top breasts are a type of breast shape that many women have, though they are not as common as other types such as round or tubular breasts. But what exactly are full-on-top breasts, and how do they differ from other breast shapes? In this blog post, you’ll get an overview of what full-on-top breasts are and what to look for when looking for the perfect bra. 

What are full-on-top breasts?

Full-on-top breasts refers to a certain type of breast shape in which the top portion of the breast is fuller than the bottom. This means that the upper half of each breast appears fuller than the lower portion, giving them an almost conical appearance. This unique shape can be seen when wearing clothes with a more fitted silhouette since it will highlight the difference between the top and bottom halves of each breast.

Full-on-top breasts affect clothing choices in both positive and negative ways. On the one hand, they can give an attractive silhouette when wearing form-fitting tops like turtlenecks and sweaters. On the other hand, certain styles, such as halter tops, may cause discomfort due to their lack of support for this particular shape. 

How to identify full-on-top breasts?

Full-on-top breasts are characterized by a round shape at the top that narrows as it goes down the body. To determine whether or not you have full-on-top breasts, look for outward-pointing nipples, fullness from top to bottom, and a wider space between the breasts at the top than at the bottom.

Use measurements such as circumference and cup size to help you identify full-on-top breasts. If your bust circumference measurement is larger than your cup size measurement, you likely have full-on-top breasts. Or if there is more than an inch difference between your bust and underbust measurements, then you most likely have this type of breast shape.

Risks and challenges come with full-on-top breasts

Women with full-on-top breasts may encounter certain risks and challenges. The most prominent of these is sagging due to increased susceptibility to the pull of gravity. Finding bras that fit correctly can be difficult since standard sizing charts may not be accurate for this body type. To maintain the shape of full-on-top breasts, it is necessary to provide sufficient coverage and protection against movement. Women should opt for bras that will secure them snugly without digging into their skin. Moreover, extra caution needs to be taken when engaging in physical activities such as running or sports so as not to cause further sagging over time.

Bra styles for full-on-top breasts

Wide straps are a must, as they help evenly distribute weight and provide extra support. 

Broad bands provide additional support, as any looseness may lead to the straps slipping or digging in over time.

Softcup bras are a good option because they don’t contain any metal wires or hardware that could become uncomfortable against sensitive skin.

Full-cup bra styles are designed to sit higher on the chest and provide better support for the fullness on the top part of the breasts. Make sure the band fits correctly and that the straps are fully adjustable.

Contour bra/moulded cup bra

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