Underwear You Need for the Rest of the Year

If you’re looking to expand your underwear collection, the best way to do it is by choosing pieces that are timeless and versatile enough to stay in your underwear drawer even after the seasons change. The key to doing this is comfortable fabrics and clean, classic designs. Sielei has created a line of affordable and versatile bottoms for every body type a

1. Sielei Organic Cotton Hipster Briefs
sielei cotton hipster briefs
Sielei Organic Cotton Hipster Briefs

Hipster briefs are a hip, new trend with a unique fit that provides moderate to full coverage in the back and comfortable coverage in the front. They’re an easy way to update your underwear drawer for the office or weekend, and so many styles come in every color and pattern imaginable. Sielei has a high-performance hipster brief, which is made up of hand-picked organic cotton to provide you with a comfortable, reliable, and super soft feel for everyday wear.

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2. Sielei Tulle Thong Briefs
sielei thong briefs
Sielei Tulle Thong Briefs

Love the feeling of being confident and oh-so-sexy? There’s no better way to do that than to wear a pair of thongs. Thongs are timeless and so comfortable. Sielei’s tulle thong briefs offer great compression and help to keep your body temperature up while also covering any visible panty lines you might have.

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3. Sielei Lace Boyshorts
sielei boyshorts
Sielei Lace Boyshorts

Soft, stylish, and supportive, the boyshorts are sure to give you confidence. Get sexy and comfy this summer with Sielei’s boyshorts, with form-fitting pieces that are designed to provide coverage without being too constricting, and will fit into your style perfectly.

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4. Sielei Brazilian Briefs with Lace Back
SieLei Brazilian Briefs with Lace Back
SieLei Brazilian Briefs with Lace Back

Casual and classy, Sielei’s Brazilian panties offer full coverage in the front with a sexy lace back. While it can be dressed up for a night out, it is also great for everyday wear.

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5. Sielei High Briefs
Sielei high briefs
Sielei High Briefs

Whether you’re wearing a dress, tight pants, or jeans, Sielei’s high briefs are a go-to choice for any woman. They offer full coverage and can be worn under just about anything. The comfort and support of this underwear help to keep you feeling comfortable all day long, whether you’re on your feet at work or sitting down all day long.

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6. Sielei Light Shaping Briefs
Sielei Light Shaping Briefs
Sielei Light Shaping Briefs

These lightweight, breathable Sielei light shaping briefs will keep you comfortable all day long. They’re perfect for wearing under body-hugging dresses and skirts. They’ll smooth out your silhouette and give you a little bit of extra support. Its wide waistband gives you extra support without affecting your comfort. Choose them in light colors if you want them to be invisible under light-colored clothing.

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7. Sielei Bikini Briefs with Lace Back
SièLei Bikini Briefs with Lace Back
Sielei Bikini Briefs with Lace Back

A classic bikini style that’s perfect for any occasion, Sielei’s bikini brief with a lacy back offers moderate coverage and is designed to flatter your curves. It’s sure to become a go-to piece in your underwear drawer. Its soft lace on the back provides a flattering finish, and its hidden seams on the front give an elegant look.

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8. Sielei Lace bikini briefs
Sielei Lace Bikini Briefs
Sielei Lace Bikini Briefs

This lingerie-style bikini brief from Sielei is great for lounging around the beach. It gives you the comfort of a pair of underwear without the hassle of getting dressed. This piece is made from soft, breathable, shiny microfibre fabric with a contrasting waistband and stylish lacy pattern.

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Skip the high street and go straight to the source for your next pair of underwear: which is Sielei. They’re your ultimate online destination for beautifully crafted women’s underwear in every style, fit, and size, from classic briefs to everyday briefs, hipsters, thongs, and much more.

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