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The Balconette Bra Handbook

Girl, we have a treat for you today. Ever feel like your regular bra just isn’t giving you the oomph you want under your favorite top or dress? It’s time you discovered the balconette bra, your new secret weapon for maximum cleavage and shape. Balconette bras are designed to lift and showcase you, giving you a silhouette to die for under anything in your closet. 

In this guide, we’re dishing out all the details on these magical bras and how to find your perfect balconette. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be an expert in all things balconette and ready to fill your underwear drawer with these va-va-voom wonders. Now, let’s dive right in. The balconette bra awaits!

What is a Balconette bra?

A balconette bra, also known as a shelf bra or balcony bra, is a style that offers light support and shaping. It has a low center front and cups that lift and shape from the side rather than push up from below. Balconette bras are a great option if you want to show off some cleavage without going full on bombshell.

What makes it different?

Balconette bras differ from a typical push-up bra in that they do not have a lot of padding. Instead, they have underwires and molded cups that lift your breasts from the side to create a rounded shape. The cups are also cut lower in the center, allowing for a plunging neckline. All of these features work together to lift, separate, and prominently display each breast.

What is it best for?

-Small to medium bust sizes: Balconette bras provide light support and shaping best suited for smaller cup sizes. Larger busts typically require more support.

-Showing off your cleavage: The molded cups and plunge front highlight and accentuate your breasts.

-Certain styles of clothing: Balconette bras pair perfectly under tops or dresses with a low, square, or sweetheart neckline. The shape and lift they provide fill out these styles beautifully.

Who is it for?

Round breasts, in particular, are well suited to this balconette style, as it offers lift and stability. 

Women with slightly wider breasts can also feel comfortable and supported when wearing a balconette bra.

For those with shallow breasts, the balconette bra is an excellent choice for providing a snug fit while still providing ample support. 

For women who have medium or large breasts, the balconette bra offers plenty of support without being too restrictive or uncomfortable. 

For those with pendulous breasts, the softly lined cups of balconette bra are an ideal option. 

Women of all sizes can benefit from this style of lingerie, as there is a cup size for everyone. From A-cup to DD-cup bras, there is a perfect size available for all bust sizes that provides the ultimate in comfort and support while flattering your figure. With a bit of trial and error, you will find the best fitting balconette bra that fits your body type and enhances any outfit.

Features of a Balconette bra

Padded or molded cups

Half coverage cups

Underwire support

Wide-set straps

Side boning

Finding a balconette bra with the right combination of features for your body will give you a flawless foundation under your favorite fashions.

How to choose a Balconette bra

-Look for underwires that fit your rib cage: The underwire should lie flat against your body and not dig in. If it’s too narrow or wide, the bra won’t support you properly.

-Consider your cup’s size and shape: Balconette bras work best for smaller to medium cup sizes. If you have a larger cup size, look for a bra with structured cups and wide-set straps to provide lift and shaping. For shallow shapes, a push-up balconette can create cleavage. If you have a fuller shape, look for a balconette with molded or contoured cups.

-Pay attention to the straps and band: The straps should feel snug but still comfortable. Adjustable straps are ideal, so you can get the perfect fit. The band should sit level with your torso without riding up. If it feels too tight or too loose, you may need to go up or down a band size.

-Look for a flattering neckline: A balconette with a sweetheart or scoop neckline will enhance your assets. Avoid high necklines, which can make your bust appear squashed.

Styling Tips for Balconette Bras

Once you’ve found your perfect balconette bra, it’s time to style it for your outfit. 

Consider your neckline

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A balconette bra pairs best with tops/dresses/blouses that have a deep-straight or scooped neckline. Plunging necklines can be tricky, as the bra may peek out at the sides. If you want to wear a plunging neckline, look for a balconette with side boning or a plunge style balconette bra. Square or boatneck tops typically do not work well with balconette bras.

Show off the back

A signature feature of balconette bras is their attractive back bands, often made of lace or mesh. Find a top with a low back, keyhole detail, or that is completely backless to put the beautiful balconette back band on display.

Consider a statement piece

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If you want your balconette bra to be the focal point of your look, choose sheer tops or go with one in a bold color like red, gold, or emerald, or look for one with striking details like lace, bows, gemstones, or embroidery. Pair it with a simple top for maximum impact.

Advantages and disadvantages

A balconette bra offers some advantages over a standard full-coverage bra. Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding if a balconette bra is right for you.


Shows off your cleavage – The balconette bra lifts and pushes up your breasts to enhance your cleavage. If you want to show off your assets, this bra will do the trick.

Creates an alluring shape – The balconette bra shapes your breasts into a rounded, uplifted shape that looks natural yet alluring under clothing.

Works with many outfits – The balconette bra works well under low-cut tops, dresses, or button-down shirts where straps may show. Its shape and lift also looks great under form-fitting outfits.


May not provide enough coverage or support for some – If you have a larger bust size, the balconette bra may not offer enough coverage or support for your needs. Look for options specifically tailored to fuller figures.

Straps often show – Since the balconette only covers the lower portion of breasts, the straps are usually wider set and may show under some outfits. Racerback or halter strap options can help prevent this.

Can be tricky to size right – Balconette bras require an exact fit to provide the proper lift and shape. It may take trying on a few sizes to find your perfect fit. Look for options with molded, underwire cups and adjustable straps for the most custom fit.

Usually more expensive – Balconette bras require more structure and shaping, so they do tend to cost a bit more than a standard full-coverage bra. 

For the right figure and outfit, a balconette bra can be a great option. But go in with realistic expectations about coverage and fit. When sized and worn properly, a balconette bra will make you feel and look your sexiest. But it may take a bit of trial and error to find your perfect balconette match.


Forget everything you thought you knew about supportive undergarments – the balconette bra is here to sexify your lingerie collection and give your bust a boost like never before. Accentuate your shape and show off your sexy side with a bra that’s all about subtle yet stunning enhancement. Your wardrobe (and your partner!) will thank us later.

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