Get Nude: 5 Nude Bra and Underwear Options from SièLei

Just like the rest of your look, your undies can tell a lot about you. You’ll be chic and confident to go with every outfit, while still looking professional at work and on other important occasions. Nude is the new black. And we believe it isn’t just for the beach anymore to say you own it and look good doing it. Wearing nude underwear will make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

So why not make a bold statement with nude underwear? Read on to learn why nude undies are essential in every woman’s drawer, plus when it’s appropriate to wear them.

How much nude-colored underwear is essential?

There are times when you just can’t quite get your underwear to look the way that you want it to, like when there’s a dark shirt under an orange cardigan. Or even if you have some black undies and a white pair, try to blend in with your coral pants. Nude undies will keep everything smooth and looking good, even when there are imperfections!

Wearing nude underwear can reduce VPL

VPL is a major fashion faux pas and we’ve all been there before when we are getting dressed for our big day and everything looks great, but then we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror and notice a noticeable line poking through our clothes. It’s one of the fashion world’s biggest no-nos. 

But how to avoid it?

The answer is simple: wear nude-colored underwear. Nude undergarments blend seamlessly with skin tones, so if they peek out from underneath your outfit, they won’t be as obvious as if you were wearing another color. Of course, some outfits are meant to show off those sexy lingerie pieces that are hidden beneath, but not every ensemble has that intention.

Nude underwear is great to match your clothes

A white dress doesn’t mean you’ve got to sacrifice coverage for style. While the entire point of wearing a white outfit is to stand out, now nude underwear is what will come to your rescue and can help keep your outfit together. They won’t show through, and the color blends seamlessly with your skin tone.

Wear nude bras under white colored clothes

What you wear under your clothes can tell others a lot about you, so it is important to choose the right set of underwear. A white bra, whilst probably looking great underneath your clothes, won’t necessarily go with everything you want to wear. Try not to leave yourself open to any embarrassing moments by avoiding nude bras under your white clothing and going for a colored one instead.

Wear nude underwear with light-colored clothes

Wearing a nude bra or panty under light-colored clothes is essential if you want to avoid any unwanted bra lines or VPL. Plus, it helps create a smooth and seamless look. And who doesn’t want that? If you’re wearing light-colored clothing, then it would be best to wear light-colored underwear. There are two reasons for this; firstly, no one wants panty lines! Secondly, your underwear will contrast with the fabric of your pants or skirt, which will help them stay in place better.

We have the perfect selection of nude bras and undies to shop away…

Sielei Bikini Briefs



Sielei’s bikini briefs are made of very soft, glossy microfiber, which is both comfortable and attractive. The fabric is snug against your skin and extremely soft to the touch. It is well-cut to stay in place all day long while giving you maximum comfort and support.

Sielei Lace Bikini Briefs



When it comes to underwear, nude pants are a great way to add some coverage and keep your look simple. This nude cotton-blend Sielei’s lace bikini brief is made of breathable fabric and offer maximum comfort for everyday wear.

Sielei Underwired T-Shirt Bra



Get your hands on this beautiful Sielei’s Underwired T- Shirt Bra with soft cups made with silky stretch microfiber. You’ll be able to create a bra you love by adjusting the perfect fit of the cups, using the adjustable strap in the back, and standing out thanks to their soft, shiny surface. The bra has underwired cups, which provide you with great support. Also, the lace on the sides of the cups gives an extra feminine touch.

Sielei Push Up Bra with Gel Cups



Sielei’s underwire push up bra brings a new dimension to the everyday bra collection. Its unbeatable push-ups; underwired and gel cups, support the cleavage to give you a sensuous look.

SièLei French Bra with Invisible Underwire


The Sielei French Bra with Invisible Underwire is so comfy, you forget you’re wearing it! The beautiful color and super-soft fabric make it absolutely invisible at all through the clothes and since it’s molded it gives a nice breast shape. The material is not only nice and soft, but this bra is super durable. Get this bra, you’ll never look back!

With Sielei’s panties collection, you can give your wardrobe a little boost. We’ve included every needed color to cover any situation, from working out in the gym to a fancy wedding. It’s all about finding undergarments that work for you by emphasizing your curves rather than hiding them. Each pair is designed to minimize lines from your panty line and make you feel confident while looking your best.


Happy Shopping!

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