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9 of the best fabrics for bras and underwear

Finding the best fabrics for bras and underwear can be difficult. Not all fabrics feel good on your skin, and some fabrics can be too slick to wear under tight-fitting clothes. Your choice of fabric also depends on the style and brand of bra or underwear you are looking to purchase, so it is important to consider all these factors when trying to find your perfect pair.

We have listed nine types of fabrics for bras and underwear to help you find the best ones to fit your preferences and needs.


Spandex fabric offers maximum stretch and recovery without losing shape. It is soft, comfortable, and breathable, which makes it ideal for underwear and bras. Spandex fabrics are also easier to sew than other fabrics because you can use heat and other irons without worrying about shrinking or cracking. Spandex also has a high recovery rate, so it returns to its original shape after being stretched out. These properties make spandex great for adding support and shaping your breasts.

Spandex fabric for bras


Microfibre fabric is soft, breathable, and quick drying. It is made from highly-absorbent polyester fibers that are also naturally hypoallergenic. Microfiber is also generally used to mimic the look and feel of cotton, but with a lighter weight. It also combats odours, moisture and bacteria. However, this material can be quite delicate and isn’t as durable as some of the other fabrics.


Silk is a natural fabric that is both durable and smooth to the touch. It can be stretched up to three times its original length without damage. It has hypoallergenic properties, which means it’s unlikely to cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin like wool or synthetics might. Silk is also resistant to dust mites. One downside to silk is that it’s more expensive than other fabrics like cotton, polyester, or nylon.

Silk fabric for bras and underwear


Cotton is one of the most versatile and durable fibres. Cotton fabrics are breathable, wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for. It offers good insulation against the cold. Using cotton fabric allows the natural breathability of the fibres in the fabric to help keep you cool and comfortable during warmer temperatures. Cotton also offers moderate compression, which means more support for your muscles without feeling uncomfortable. It’s durable and never needs to be laundered, which means we can all have our favourite underwear in a colour that isn’t going to sacrifice comfort or our social lives.


Bamboo is the most sustainable fabric around. It’s grown organically, it breathes better than cotton, and it doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Moreover, bamboo fabric is antibacterial, so you don’t have to worry about odours lingering from sweat or other bodily fluids. Bamboo fabric also repels water, keeping your underwear dry in a storm or washing machine mishap.


Lace is one of the most popular fabrics when it comes to lingerie, primarily because lace is so delicate. It also has a lot of stretch to it, which makes it very comfortable. Lace material provides a little bit more coverage than sheer fabric, but doesn’t provide as much support as other fabrics might. One thing that people might not know about lace is that it does require special care to keep it looking its best.


Wool has natural body-temperature regulating properties that keep you warm in winter, cool in summer, and dry in all seasons. It’s a natural insulator with moisture-wicking properties that will keep you feeling fresh all day long. The eco-friendly fabric is breathable, naturally hypoallergenic, sustainable, biodegradable, and anti-microbial – a perfect choice to wear next to your skin!

Best Fabric for Bra and underwear


Nylon fabric is a synthetic fibre that is treated with chemicals to make it softer than other fibres such as cotton, wool, or silk. It comes in different colours and finishes, depending on its final use. It comes with excellent strength, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. It can stretch into creases and wrinkles, making it perfect for use in bras. Bra and underwear with nylon fabric can create a comfortable feeling during exercise. If you want to wear a more comfortable bra and underwear, use nylon fabric.


Polyester is a great fabric for undergarments. It is soft, lightweight, easy to care for, wrinkle-resistant, and machine washable. Polyester microfiber provides the perfect combination of comfort and structure. Although the fabric is sturdy and durable, the smooth, cool feel creates a nice barrier between your skin and the bra or underwear you’re wearing. Polyester fabric is slightly less porous than cotton, making it a good choice for underwear and bras.

Best fabric for lingerie

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