Top 7 Workwear Essentials to Buy Right Now

When you decide to wear a specific dress to the office but are unsure of what kind of underwear would be the perfect complement to the outfit, it can be frustrating. A lingerie isn’t just something you wear in the bedroom; it’s also something you can wear to work and feel sexy and confident as you go about your daily tasks. 

From understated to bold and from classic to unconventional, Sielei’s lingerie styles will make you feel beautiful at work. Whether going to a meeting or heading to work in the morning, you’ll love having these relaxed and comfortable pieces with you. They’re stylish enough for an evening out on the town but sleek enough to wear at work.

SièLei Underwired T-Shirt Bra
Sielei Underwired T-Shirt Bra
Sielei Underwired T-Shirt Bra

The right bra can make all the difference. A black bra is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. Not only is it versatile and flattering, but it can also be worn under any type of clothing. Sielei’s super-cute and elegant underwired T-Shirt bra has been designed to suit a wide range of female figures, with a delicate floral motif on the wings and matte stretch microfiber in solid color. A very special feature is the “wonder soft” padding: it is incredibly soft, supporting you perfectly in the right places at the right time.

SièLei Organic Cotton Padded Bra
Sielei Organic Cotton Padded Bra
Sielei Organic Cotton Padded Bra

Sielei’s basic white cotton padded bra is a lingerie staple for a reason – it’s versatile, classic, and makes you feel put together under any outfit. This style’s sturdy construction means that it can withstand daily wear and tear, while its flexible cups keep everything in place without being stretched out of shape.

SièLei Push-Up Bra With Gel Cups
Sielei Push Up Bra with Gel Cups
Sielei Push-Up Bra with Gel Cups

Push-up bras are a classic style that offers great support and extra coverage in a variety of styles. These sexy bras push up the bust for a look that flatters every figure. Sielei’s push-up bra classic style offers seamless support and an attractive design. You will feel confident and powerful in this unique undergarment that lifts your breasts to a place of prominence. From plunging necklines to halter neck styles, this push-up bra will lift and shape.

SièLei Lace Bralette
SieLei Lace Bralette
SieLei Lace Bralette

Sielei’s lace bralette is a great option for work wear because it provides support and coverage without being too heavy or bulky. The straps are also typically wider, which can be helpful if you have narrow shoulders. This style of bra can give you a bit of a lift, which can be nice if you feel like you need a little extra boost during the day.

SièLei Lace Boyshorts
sielei boyshorts
Sielei Lace Boyshorts

Sielei’s boyshorts are a great way to feel both comfortable and sexy at work. They offer full coverage without sacrificing style, flexibility, and breathability. Wear them to work, wear them to work out, or just hang them out in your home. Whatever you choose, it will feel and look great!

SièLei Bikini Briefs
SièLei Bikini Briefs
Sielei Bikini briefs

Whether you’re rocking a pair of jeans or a business suit, Sielei’s nude-colored bikini briefs are always a good choice. They provide just enough coverage while still feeling sexy. Plus, they’re versatile and can be worn with almost anything. 

SièLei Tulle Thong Briefs
sielei thong briefs
SièLei Tulle Thong Briefs

If you want to feel confident, stay comfortable, and keep your legs smooth under the office dress code or even under a pair of shorts during the heat of summer, look to Sielei’s thong briefs. It feels like regular underwear but with a sexy kick: designed to be worn low on the hips and rear.

SièLei Bandeau Bra With Graduated Cups
Sielei Bandeau bra
SièLei Bandeau Bra With Graduated Cups

If you’re looking for a lingerie style that will give you extra support but not add any straps or cups, Sielei’s bandeau bra is perfect. The removable straps and side slats add comfort and support, making this piece very versatile. The fabric combined with lace offers a great fit and keeps you cool during hot summer days.

It can be tough to feel confident and put together at work, especially when you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing. From supportive bras to discreet thongs, there’s something on Sielei’s list for everyone. So go ahead and make that power move to explore every style.

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