The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Lingerie Wardrobe

Have you ever opened your lingerie drawer and felt like you were looking at the same pieces from last year? Or worse, from years ago! It’s time to give your lingerie wardrobe a fresh start for the season with a spring cleaning.

Whether you’re looking for a new style or just want to get rid of some old favorites that don’t fit or flatter anymore, now is the perfect time to update your lingerie look. So, grab a cup of tea and get ready for a lingerie editing session! We’ll go through what pieces you should keep, which ones should be tossed out, and how to find something stylish and comfortable that will make you feel great.

Assessing What You Already Have

We all know that spring cleaning is the perfect time to take a good look at what you have. It’s especially helpful when it comes to sorting through your lingerie wardrobe. Take a quick scan of the pieces that you have and assess what items work for your current lifestyle and body shape, and determine whether they need replacing, updating, or an upgrade.

This will make it easier for you to plan which lingerie items you need to add to complete your look. Ask yourself: Do I have enough everyday bras? How many special occasion pieces do I own? Are they suitable for my body shape? Do I have any matching lingerie?

The answers to these questions will help you determine which new lingerie items need investing in and whether specific pieces can be upgraded. By taking stock of what’s already in your lingerie wardrobe, you can create a better shopping list that is more suited to your style and needs.

spring lingerie wardrobe cleaning
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Dispose of Old and Worn Bras

When it comes to spring cleaning your lingerie wardrobe, there’s no room for sentimentality. If you’re not wearing it, chances are it needs to go. And don’t just relegate your old bras, panties, and camisoles to the back of the drawer; instead, create a lingerie graveyard in your wardrobe so you can keep track of what needs to be disposed of.

First up is the obvious: bras that are too small or too big won’t fit properly and can cause discomfort. If you’ve had any for over a year, or if they appear stretched out and shapeless, then you should let them go—they’re no good for you or your wardrobe. Other tell-tale signs that a bra should be replaced include losing elasticity, piling fabric, and distorted straps.

Remember: if it doesn’t support you anymore, it’s time to say goodbye. By purging these pieces from your collection each season, you’ll ensure that only the best lingerie is left in your wardrobe—and you’ll be free to look stylish and feel comfortable all year round!

spring lingerie wardrobe cleaning
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Invest in Quality and Comfortable Basics

The best way to go about your lingerie spring cleaning is to invest in quality and comfortable basics. Start with pieces you can wear every day, like bras and panties that give a good fit and provide comfort.

Think of the fabrics you want—there will be different styles and materials that suit your needs better. Look out for things like breathable microfibers, laces, silks, or bamboo fabrics if you want something lightweight and comfortable.

Once you’ve taken stock of what’s in your locker, it’s time to replace outdated styles or ones that no longer fit correctly with comfortable basics that will never go out of style—that way, your lingerie collection will stay current season after season!

spring lingerie wardrobe cleaning
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Find the Right Styles to Flatter Your Shape

As part of your spring cleaning, you should be looking at the lingerie styles that are best suited to flatter your shape. Here are some tips to help:

Visualize Your Shape

The first thing you need to do is visualize what kind of shape you have, and then find lingerie pieces that will flatter it. Are you an hourglass with curves? Or maybe a rectangle with an athletic body type? Knowing this can help you narrow down the pieces that would work for you, and make sure not everything looks like a box around your body.

Follow Your Curves

The key to finding lingerie that flatters is to keep it simple. Look for pieces that follow the line of your body and accentuate those curves without adding too much bulk.

Spoil Yourself With a New Set of Lingerie

It’s time to take your lingerie game up a notch and give yourself something special. A new set of lingerie will boost your confidence and spice up your wardrobe for the warmer months.

Whether it’s lacy bralettes for an everyday look or something with a bit of attitude like an underwired monochrome set, the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding a little extra glamour to your wardrobe.

And why not make it even more special by buying something more sustainable? Not only is this kinder for the planet, but it’ll make you feel even better knowing that you’ve made an ethical choice!

spring lingerie wardrobe cleaning
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Donate The Bras That You Aren't Keeping

If you’re like most people, you’ve got bras in your lingerie wardrobe that you just don’t get enough use out of. Don’t throw them away! You can donate those bras to organizations like the Bra Recyclers, who will make sure they get repurposed and put to good use.

By donating your bras, you’re not only helping others in need but also helping out our environment by keeping unwanted clothes out of landfills! So go ahead, grab those unworn bras from your lingerie wardrobe, and give them a second lease on life!

spring lingerie wardrobe cleaning
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Now that you’ve got the basics of a great lingerie wardrobe, it’s time to start investing in pieces that will pamper you and make you look and feel your best. Use this season’s lingerie as an opportunity to start a collection of pieces that you love and that bring out the best in you.

Whether you’re into lacy sets, everyday sets, or something in-between, the possibilities are truly endless. So shop around, find sets that speak to your inner fashionista, and make lingerie cleaning a part of your routine for a refreshed wardrobe that you’ll be sure to love and enjoy.

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