lingerie trends for summer 2023

Lingerie Trends Roundup 2023

Ready to get ahead of the game? Brace yourself and jump aboard the 2023 lingerie trend train. This season, we’re all set to explore an array of styles rooted in everything from Baroque elements to nature-inspired hues and fabrics.

Whether you’re searching for something that’s silky smooth, a bit daring, or something comfortable and cozy, don’t worry—we’ve got it all covered with this ultimate lingerie roundup. Whether your style leans more seductive or practical (or both! ), you’ll be sure to find your new go-to look.

From color palettes that make a bold statement to luxe fabrics that are sure to make you feel oh-so comfy, let us provide you with all the insights into 2023 lingerie trends. Keep reading as we introduce you to vibrant prints and playful details that will give your intimates an extra boost of chicness this season.

Make a Statement With Color and Style

Forget the classics; that’s all so 2018, and now is the time to take your intimate wardrobe up with vibrant colors and new shapes.

This summer, color is everything. If your lingerie looks are feeling drab, try bright blues and reds to add a pop of energy to your look. And if you’re still looking for something a little more subtle, muted pastels are great for giving off a soft and romantic vibe..

Lingerie Trend 2023
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Another way to make a statement is through unique silhouettes and shapes. Look for lingerie with ruffles or asymmetrical hemline cuts that will draw attention to all the right places while framing your body in a flattering way. Strapless or high-cut designs will emphasize collarbones and waists, while thong bottoms will accentuate curves without going overboard.

Lingerie Trend 2023
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No matter how you choose to do it, you’ll be sure to make an unforgettable statement with lingerie this summer!

A Look at the Popular Floral Prints of the Season

Floral lingerie is a timeless trend that never gets old, and this season is no exception. This summer, we’re seeing some of the prettiest prints yet that will have you feeling feminine and glamorous.

Soft Pastels

Soft pastel colors are a great way to inject a subtle yet elegant flair into your lingerie collection. Look for lingerie in muted pinks, blues, and purples that evoke the beauty of nature. These shades make for gorgeous boudoir pieces as well as everyday undergarments.

Lingerie Trend 2023
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Summer Florals

Nothing says summer quite like vibrant florals—from daisies to hibiscus flowers, these bright designs will add serious heat to your wardrobe. If you’re looking for something a little more daring, look out for daring black and yellow combos that add an edgy twist with a touch of sunshine.

Lingerie Trend 2023
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Intricate Lace

For something more luxurious, intricate lace designs can’t be beaten! From embroidered lace to filigree detailing, these beautiful details are sure to elevate any look and make it truly unique and incredibly comfortable.

lingerie trends 2023
SièLei Lace Bikini Briefs

Show Off Your Assets With Unique Fabric Mixtures

Time to show off your assets! This year’s lingerie trends are taking the classic trend of mixing fabrics to the next level. Think luxe velvet combined with sheer mesh, silky satin mixed with delicate lace, or soft cotton blends paired with daring fishnet. There’s something for everyone—from super feminine silhouettes to bold prints.

Here are some tips for incorporating fabric mixtures into your lingerie look:

  • Opt for darker shades or muted tones for a more sophisticated approach or bold colors for a look that’s ready to make a statement.
  • Look for pieces that mix two fabrics on opposite ends of the spectrum — think satin and mesh for an edgy-meets-luxurious feel.
  • Try out different patterns and textures to create an interesting juxtaposition of styles and personalities in one pieces. 

Mixing fabrics is an easy way to upgrade your lingerie look this season, but it should also be comfortable in addition to making a fashion statement, so be sure to choose pieces made of breathable fabrics that won’t irritate skin or cause discomfort!

lingerie trends 2023
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Collar It Up for a Peep of Lace

For the 2023 lingerie season, exciting new trends are emerging. The collar and lace glimpse combo is one of the hottest looks so far. The look pairs a collar with an alluring reveal of lace lingerie. The combination of textures creates an alluring contrast that teases and tantalizes both the eye and the imagination. From bold metallic components to sheer lace, there are many daring options to choose from when it comes to collars.

lingerie trends 2023
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To get your unique look, mix it up by pairing a simple collared blouse with a sultry satin chemise or opting for a delicate bralette with an edgy choker. You can also pull off a wow factor by going for two-piece ensembles with strategically placed cutouts that create contrast between textures and shapes – talk about fierce!

White High Neck Choker Bralette - Medium
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You may have heard of sustainable fashion, but did you know that sustainability can now be applied to lingerie too? In the summer 2023 fashion scene, sustainability is one of the hottest trends.

For eco-friendly lingerie campaigns, designers are focusing on sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp. All these fabrics are not only durable and breathable but also sustainably sourced from natural materials.

lingerie trends 2023
SièLei Organic Cotton Padded Bra

Underwear as Outerwear

Why should underwear be kept under wraps? This summer, embrace the trend of wearing your favorite lingerie pieces as an outerwear look. That’s right, wearing underwear as outerwear is going to be all the rage in summer 2023.

The key to getting this look right is all about picking out pieces that look polished and sophisticated enough to be worn on their own. Think of sports bras or bralettes with dramatic details like intricate lace patterns or classic silhouettes reimagined in a modern way—all while still offering the support and comfort you’re looking for.

Underwear as outerwear includes lingerie with daring cuts like a deep plunge or bras paired with high-waisted trousers and skirts—the options are limitless. And if you’re feeling a bit shy about showing off your favorite lingerie pieces, layering them under a blazer or cardigan will give you that extra everyday confidence boost.

lingerie trends 2023

Not only is this trend fun, but it is also practical. On days when you want to wear something comfortable but also stylish, go ahead and don your favorite underwear as a top. High briefs and boyshorts are expected to be the hottest designs for this trend. So go ahead and give yourself the freedom to express yourself through your style choices—lingerie as outerwear is here to stay!

lingerie trends 2023
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As a final note, it’s worth considering investing in pieces that can be adapted and worn in multiple ways or styled to create a look that transitions easily from day to night. With the right amount of experimentation, you’ll be sure to make a strong statement this season.

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