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Lace lingerie – the what, how, when and where

Lace lingerie has been an important part of women’s fashion history since the Victorian era, but it’s making a comeback in both high-end fashion and ordinary wardrobe styles thanks to its ability to be both delicate and seductive while still being subtle. But if you’ve never worn lace lingerie before, it can be hard to figure out what style you like best or when you should wear it. Here’s your cheat sheet on what lace lingerie is, how it’s made, and how to wear and care for it.

An Overview of Lace

Lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread that is woven together. In the past, lace was primarily used in women’s undergarments and other clothing such as collars and cuffs. Today, lace can be found in everything from wedding dresses to lingerie. In lingerie, it is most often seen on bras, panties, corsets, and camisoles.

Lace Fabric


Lace lingerie is considered the most luxurious and feminine of all lingerie. It has small panels of lace or similar material sewn onto the lingerie to create patterns of lace. The pattern and texture create an illusion, often by hiding the line between fabric and skin. Lace lingerie is the ultimate lingerie style. It’s soft, feminine, and elegant and is made using a combination of fine cotton and lace.


Lace lingerie is made by stitching a series of loops together; these loops are usually made from silk threads. Basically, the design depends on the type of fabric being used, the thickness and characteristics of the lace, whether it is plain or patterned, and how ornamented it is. In general, there are four basic types of lace used for lingerie: plain (usually single-fibre), machine-made lace made from one or more layers of yarn; machine-knitted lace produced by a knitting process similar to sewing; and fine needlework made by hand with silk thread.

How to Wear Lace

Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just lounging around the house, lace can be worn in so many different ways. Here are some tips for styling your favourite pieces of lace lingerie!

  • Use lace as an accent piece by layering it over clothes in a contrasting colour (e.g., navy blue lace bra over a black dress). This adds interest to an otherwise plain outfit.
  • Lace-trimmed camisoles look great when paired with jeans or skirts.
  • Try wearing lacy underwear under sheer dresses or blouses if you want to add extra sexiness without showing too much skin.
  • Lace pieces are usually worn as tops, but can also be worn as a layering piece under sheer shirts.

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It’s perfect to wear when you want to spice up those casual outfits, such as jeans and t-shirts. It is a perfect choice for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and honeymoons. Lace can look put together in every season, but there is one time when you’re definitely going to want to go all out with your lingerie, and that would be the holidays! Throw on some holiday-favourite lace lingerie and your alluring style will be nothing short of impressive.


Lace is delicate and very prone to wrinkles. The solution: using your hands! Please follow these directions when cleaning lace:

  • Wash it with warm water and mild soap.
  • Never iron lace panties or bras.
  • If you’re using a dryer, be sure to set the heat at low or medium to prevent shrinking and damage.
  • Don’t use detergents as it leaves a residue on your pieces and will make them look dull.


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