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How To Prevent a Wedgie?

Wedgies are among the most embarrassing and uncomfortable experiences one can have, and unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done about them at the time of occurrence. To prevent this type of pain and embarrassment in your life, try these tips.


What is a wedgie?

A wedgie is when someone grabs the waistband of your underwear and pulls it upwards, causing your buttocks to stick out in the air. It’s not just uncomfortable; it’s also humiliating. Wedgies can be caused by accidents, or they can be given as a prank. They can also happen when you wear tight pants that make your butt stick out or when you wear jeans with a tight waistband.


Why do you get a wedgie?

The most common causes of wedgies are when someone is wearing the wrong size underwear with tight pants or jeans when they bend over.


How to Avoid Wedgies

Choose The Right Underwear

The dreaded underwear-related mishap that leaves you with a nagging wedgie for the rest of the day, can be avoided simply by choosing the right underwear.

-Choose underwear that’s snug but not tight. Too much fabric can lead to wedges and other unpleasantries.
-Choose underwear with cotton gusset elastic in the waistband. The tighter the elastic, the better it will stay up and keep things in place.
-Wear full-coverage hipster briefs or boyshorts that come down far enough on your hips so they don’t ride up when you sit down or bend over.


Avoid Loose Clothing

Wearing clothes that are too loose can cause all kinds of problems, including, but not limited to, wedgies. The looser the clothing is on your body, the higher the chances are that it will get pulled up over your waistband and cause an uncomfortable situation. To prevent this from happening, wear clothes that are more comfortable and fitted.


Choose The Right Fabric

The type of fabric you choose for your undergarments can help you avoid a wedgie. For instance, cotton provides the most stretch and is also breathable, so it’s less likely that it will ride up on you throughout the day. If you’re looking for more support, try going with a nylon or spandex blend. These fabrics are usually less elastic than cotton and may be better suited to active people who need more control over their undergarments.


Try Different Styles

Make sure you’re wearing the right style of underwear for your body shape. Thong-style briefs, for example, might be uncomfortable if you have a lot of extra skin around the pubic area. Boyshorts or hipsters are good options if you want full coverage and a little more support.

The style you choose should depend on what feels most comfortable for you! Visit Woo to find every cosy style.



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