How to find the perfect thong

How to Find the Perfect Thong

Okay, so let’s be honest: thongs can be a little bit confusing. Believe it or not, thongs are actually one of the most comfortable styles of panties out there for women, but you might find yourself wondering how to wear thongs or even why people wear thongs at all. If you’re reading this and thinking, “what is a thong used for?” or “are they even comfortable?” We are here to debunk the discomfort myth and show you how to find the right size and style for you!

What size thong should you wear?

If you’re wondering how to wear a thong comfortably, it’s all about getting the right size. Your thong size will generally be the same size as your normal underwear.

How should a thong fit and feel when it’s the right size?

Strappy and sexy should not equal discomfort! As with any item of clothing, the most important thing is to feel happy and comfortable wearing it. So long as you select the right size, you can be comfortable in a thong.
When a thong fits correctly, the seams or straps fit over your hips and bum without cutting in, but they aren’t too loose either. If you’re wondering how to tell if a thong is too small, a clear indication is if your skin has red lines after wearing it. A thong fits in the front if it doesn’t feel too tight and doesn’t droop (a definite no!)

What thong should I wear?

Now you know how to find the correct size thong, you can decide the type you want to wear. Thongs come in all sizes, colors, fabrics, and styles, so there’s a huge selection out there for you to try. For example, lace thongs are both stretchy and feminine, and are available in different styles, colors, and looks, from cute to risqué. Or venture to silk and satin thongs for a sensual, sexy, and luxurious feel.

How to pick the right thong?

1. Understand the purpose

Understand that there is a practical purpose for the thong. Though it’s sometimes worn to turn up the heat in the bedroom, many women wear these butt-exposing briefs to avoid panty lines under body-hugging dresses and pants.

2. Think of the thong as your regular underwear

When considering fit, think of the thong like any other underwear. If it’s too small it could cut off your circulation; if it’s too big, it could bunch in the front or sit above your waist.

3. Choose one that will stay hidden

Thongs come in lots of different cuts, like high-waisted, g-string, hip huggers, low-rise—even crotchless. Choose one that works best for you, and that will stay hidden below your waistline.

4. Choose the fabric

Choose the fabric you prefer. For everyday underwear, stick to 100% cotton. There are also thongs made from cotton and spandex blends, cotton and Lycra blends, nylon and spandex microfiber, silk knits, mesh, and—although notoriously itchy—lace.

PRO TIP: Thongs can chafe—and encourage yeast infections, so avoid wearing them to sleep.

5. Consider color and pattern

Consider the color or pattern of the thong. The point is to make your underwear invisible through your clothes, so if you need a thong to wear with a white skirt, don’t pick a hot pink thong.

6. Give it some time

Comfort isn’t the main function of a thong, so if you’ve never worn one, you’ll have to get used to having what at first feels like a wedgie. Give it time, and you’ll stop noticing anything—except how smoothly your skirts lie!

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