lingerie essentials for Holi

Holi Lingerie Essentials: How To Celebrate Holi In Style

While planning for Holi, you make sure that your dresses are perfect, your hairstyle is on point, and the accessories are absolutely stunning. But, did you forget something? Yes, your lingerie! Your choice of lingerie can make or break your overall look. A wrong choice can diminish your confidence and affect the way you feel throughout the day. Well, in order to make sure that you stay stylish even when covered in color, you need to make sure that your bra and panties match your dress.

For most of us, the festival involves wearing new clothes and accessories, but did you know that you can also play with your lingerie collection to make your day more colorful and playful? You have to be ready for this carnival-like festival where you can express your true feelings, so you had better choose the right color, style, and pattern of lingerie. To help you look and feel fabulous this Holi, we at Woo are making it a little easier for you.

Play with nude colors

Nude is the new black. Wear what you feel comfortable in. It’s not about being a showstopper, but about feeling comfortable in your own skin. Plus, nude color also creates a more natural and less overwhelming look. After all, you will be the one wearing it. And if it looks good, who cares? Also, you wouldn’t want colored underwear showing through wet clothes

Lingerie Essentials for Holi
SièLei Push Up Bra With Gel Cups

Go with cotton bras and panties

The perfect choice for any Holi celebration, cotton lingerie is the ultimate in comfort. Cotton bras and bralettes are breathable and lightweight, delivering a soft and smooth feeling against the skin, while cotton panties are soft to the touch and can be worn for all-day comfort. Not only does cotton provide a natural feel against your skin, but it also offers natural moisture-wicking properties that help keep you feeling fresh and dry. So go ahead and embrace the Holi spirit with cotton.

Lingerie Essentials for Holi
SièLei Organic Cotton Padded Bra
Lingerie Essentials for Holi
SièLei Cotton High Briefs With Lace Inserts

Don’t forget padded bras

Holi is all about having fun, enjoying time with your friends and family, and playing and partying. One of the most common concerns among women during Holi is how to avoid getting a nipple show. Wearing a padded bra is essential to avoid such awkward situations and to get comfort and support, especially when there are so many people around. A padded bra can help provide extra support and create a smooth and shapely silhouette, which is perfect for the occasion.

Lingerie Essentials for Holi
SièLei Push Up Bra With Graduated Cups

Seamless panties

Seamless panties provide a smooth and clean look under any outfit and can also be comfortable enough to wear all day. They’re perfect for playing Holi without worrying about seams digging in or bunching up. Plus, they won’t show through your clothes, so you won’t have to worry about a visible panty line.

SièLei Lace Brazilian Briefs

Bralettes and camisoles

The festive season is the time when women can dress up in their most stylish avatars. From ethnic wear to western dresses, women are spoilt for choice this season. To add to that, camisoles and bralettes are must-have accessories for Holi. Be it a floral print or an embellished piece, they are the ideal festival wear. Wear them under sheer tees or on their own.

Lingerie Essentials for Holi
SièLei Lace Bralette

Holi Lingerie Tips

  • You should opt for nude color lingerie, as it is one of the most flattering colors for any skin tone.
  • It is recommended to go with cotton lingerie when playing Holi, as this fabric is comfortable and breathable.
  • Don’t forget to get padded bras and seamless nude panties for maximum comfort.
  • The most important tip of all is to make sure that your lingerie fits properly.

We hope you are now all set for the festival of colors. We wish you a joyous Holi season, ladies!

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