Drawbacks of not wearing a bra

Going Braless: What Happens When You Stop Wearing a Bra?

Many women prefer to go braless or wear bras that are not fully supported, in the name of comfort, fashion, or convenience. While it’s true that bras can be uncomfortable and inconvenient at times, this does not mean that you should choose to forego wearing one altogether. Going braless can significantly affect your body and health, especially if you do so regularly. 


Studies have found that women who do not wear bras can have a higher risk of developing pain in their breasts. If you’re uncomfortable with wearing a bra, it may cause physical discomfort and increase your likelihood of developing breast cancer.


Not wearing a bra can lead to scoliosis, which is an abnormal curvature in your spine. Scoliosis may not be detectable at first but can cause breathing problems, fatigue, and shoulder and back pain as you age.

No support in sports

If you’re into sports, it’s important to wear support that fits properly. Choosing sports bras that are made for your specific activity and size can help reduce injury and chafing. The key when choosing bras is finding ones that fit well and feel comfortable to wear every day. A well-fitting sports bra will create less movement during activities by minimizing bounce with more compressive support.

Bad Posture

Over time, not wearing a bra can lead to bad posture. Without support and proper alignment, your spine is more susceptible to injury. It’s especially important to wear bras while performing tasks that require you to move your body up and down—such as long hours of sitting at work or on public transportation. When we do these activities without proper support, it puts strain on our back muscles and joints, making us vulnerable to muscle fatigue or injury.

Muscular Discomfort

When you think of bras, you probably consider them as restrictive and uncomfortable, but they can actually have several positive health effects as well. For example, wearing a bra reduces your risk of breast cancer, and back, neck, and shoulder pain. Beyond that, bras can also reduce your chances of getting rashes or even developing breast cysts over time. Also, not wearing a bra increases your chances of developing breast sagging.

These are some of the risks of not wearing a bra. Avoiding wearing a bra can lead to a variety of health problems that may not appear to be severe but are nevertheless uncomfortable.

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