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Find Your Fit: The Best Underwear For Every Butt Shape

Butt shapes are like personalities; no two are alike! So, if you’re shopping for the best underwear to flatter your shape and make it look its best, you can’t rely on generalities anymore. Instead, you should know how to find underwear that fits you best in every way—it should be both comfortable and stylish so you can feel confident in it and show it off when you’re out and about!

The shape of your body can greatly affect the kind of underwear that works best for you. Understanding how different cuts and styles can accentuate or minimize your butt can be a huge help in choosing underwear that fits you best, regardless of your shape or size.

Well, if you want the best-fitting underwear possible, whether your butt is high, round, large, or small, this post will help you find the perfect fit every time.


First, know your body shape.

There are three main types of female body shapes to consider when picking the right underwear. Pear-shaped women have wider upper bodies and smaller hips; apple-shaped women have larger upper bodies and slimmer hips; and hourglass-shaped women have hourglass figures with equally proportionate top and bottom halves.


Understanding your butt shape

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t’s hard to find underwear that fits your butt shape. Perhaps you’re wondering, “What are these shapes?” Well, we’re glad you asked! There are four different butt shapes in order from largest to smallest: round, oval, square, and triangle. Below are some suggestions for finding the best-fitting panties for each type of butt shape!


The Best Underwear for a Square Butt

Due to their wider hips, women with square butts aim to have a curvaceous look. The best way to do this is by wearing underwear that comes up high on the hips and has a high cut in the back, which is best for square-shaped butts. High-rise panties and bikini styles are the best for this shape, giving your butt a curvy appearance.

The Best Underwear for a V-Shaped Butt

Underwear for V shaped butt shape

V-shaped butts are typically wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. If you have a v-shaped butt, it’s time to get rid of those bikini briefs and start sporting some full-coverage briefs. Full-coverage briefs and boyshorts are perfect options for women with this body shape because the fabric around your hips provides more coverage, which is great if you’re self-conscious about exposing too much skin.


The Best Underwear for a Round Butt

Underwear for round butt shape

If you have a round butt and are looking for underwear that provides rear coverage, include boyshorts or bikini briefs in your wardrobe. One way to make sure the underwear is providing ample coverage is to wear it lower on your hips, below your natural waistline. Also, choose thongs if you want to show off your butt. As far as style goes, you can go with something sleek or sporty – it’s up to you!


The Best Underwear for an A-Shaped

best underwear for A-shaped butt

The best underwear for a triangle bottom is a high-waisted pair of half-coverage briefs or hipsters, which will accentuate your hips and make your bottom look slimmer. Also, you can go with boyshorts, which create the illusion of having a curvy bottom.

Whether you have a flat butt, a round butt, or a triangle butt, there is underwear out there that will work best with your shape. With the right underwear, you can feel comfortable and confident in any outfit!


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