how to make your bras last longer

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Bras Last Longer

Every single day, we wear bras. As a result, it’s only natural that we provide them with the greatest possible care. There are better methods to care for your bras than dumping them in the washing machine and pushing start, even if you don’t have the time to spend hours hand-cleaning them.

You don’t want to limit their lifespan by not properly caring for them because most bras aren’t cheap and aren’t made to last forever. You want to make sure you’re correctly caring for them to get the most out of those bands and straps.

So, here’s how to make your bras last as long as possible.

1. Rotation can save

  1. If you wear your favorite bra every day, it will quickly become worn out. Especially with underwire types, where frequent washing might wear down the covering over the wire, you’ll want to space out your wear. Wear a bralette for two days, then take a break, then wear your fancy lace one for two days, then take a break, and finish the week with a tried-and-true T-shirt bra.

Because elastic takes time to return to its original shape, your bras may lose shape if they aren’t given enough time to breathe; keeping many bras in the rotation will allow them to rest. This also helps to protect the elastic in the band and straps, which is crucial to the bra’s performance.

2. Dryer is a big no

Heat wreaks havoc on spandex. The dryer will remove the fibers from the fabric.” Instead, air-dry wet bras on a towel or hang them to dry on a drying rack. When drying your bras, don’t hang them by the straps because the weight of the wet bra can stretch them out. Instead, drape the gore – the section of the bra in the middle between the cups — over the drying rack.

3. Don’t wash it after every wear

Overwashing your bras can limit their life, but not washing them enough means you’re wearing sweat and grime every day. Wash your bras after two to three uses to keep them clean and in good shape. Keep in mind that you may need to wash your bras more frequently during the summer months or after engaging in strenuous sweat-inducing activities.

4. Handwash > Machine Wash

Hand-washing your bras is more difficult than it appears. Fill the sink with lukewarm water, add some washing powder, toss in your bras, swirl gently, soak for 10 minutes, rinse, and hang. It’s actually faster than washing in the machine!

Follow the above steps and your bras could support you even more.

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