Bra Spillage

Bra Spillage: What is it and how to avoid it?

Spilling out of your bra is not only inconvenient but also ugly. Under form-fitting shirts, bra spillage can produce a bumpy “quad-boob” effect, and no one wants to risk that kind of fashion malfunction.

In busty women, ‘bra spillage’ is a prevalent problem. It’s mainly caused by the wrong bra size, although it can also be caused by particular breast types and bra shapes.

Below are some factors that could be taken into consideration for the “second boob”.

Causes of bra spillage

Bra spilling is a common problem for many women. However, understanding what causes the overflow is an important component of preventing it. Here are a few reasons why your ladies are bursting at the seams.
Small cup size: One of the most common causes of bra leaking is a cup size that is too small. To be comfortable and secure, make sure the cups cover your breast tissues adequately.
Band tightness: Tight bands promote stretching, which pulls the cups apart, resulting in bra leaking and even unpleasant cutting.
Breast shape: Not all bras are suitable for all breast shapes. To locate the perfect bra, you must first understand your breast shape.

Tips to avoid bra spillage

1. Proper measurement could make your work easy
Bra spillage

What are the signs that your bra cup is too small? The steps to finding your bra cup size are outlined here.
Take a tape measure and wrap it over your back and chest, slightly above the bustline and beneath the arms. To calculate your band size, round up to the nearest whole number.
Measure across the largest area of your bust with the tape measure.
To get your cup size, subtract your chest measurement from your bust measurement. Per inch, add a cup size. Consider the following scenario:
A cup | 1 inch
B cup | 2 inches
C cup | 3 inches
D cup | 4 inches

2. Types of bras that could be used to avoid bra spillage

High Coverage Bras

Breasts with a fuller and rounder top will require more coverage than those with a firmer bottom. Balconettes will suffice for the latter, although full-coverage designs may be more comfortable for the former. You may say goodbye to front spilling if you look for full or three-quarter coverage bras.

Bra Spillage
Bra Spillage

Side Shaping Panels

Some women’s breasts are bigger on one side than the other. There’s a bigger likelihood of leaking on the side here. To combat the problem of side leakage, certain bras are constructed with side shaper panels that push the breast tissue towards the center and provide further support on the sides.

Side Smoothing Wings

Back spillage can be a nuisance at times, and we have a remedy for it as well. Choose a bra with wide side wings made of power net mesh. The mesh fabric provides a strong grasp to keep back spillage at bay, while the three hooks at the rear provide further support.

Bra Spillage

No matter what breast shape you have, having a comfortable bra that fits well is key to avoiding spillage. Regardless of what bra style you choose, make sure that you choose a quality brand and take care of your bras.

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