how to wear innerwear as outerwear

5 Ways to Wear Innerwear as Outerwear

You’ve recently noticed the innerwear-as-outerwear trend all over town, and you believe yourself to be a rather daring and stylish individual… But do you still clutch your pearls at the prospect of flaunting your bra in front of the entire world? It has the potential to be intimidating.

We’ll show you how to choose the proper pieces, how to put them together effectively, and how to keep your innerwear-as-outerwear style on point without going overboard.

Here are ways in which you can wear your innerwear as outerwear:

1. Longline bras as tops

When you consider it, a longline bra covers nearly as much skin as a crop top, making it the ideal choice for wearing your underwear outside. Pair your longline bra with fuller-coverage bottoms like high-waisted pants or a midi skirt to balance out the amount of skin you’re displaying. For a breezy day, toss a simple cardigan over your shoulders, allowing a sliver of your midriff to finally glimpse the light!

how to wear innerwear as outerwear
2. Bralettes

Only a sliver of your bralette is visible. Choose an edgy look, such as an artistically embroidered bralette or a crop top with colorful straps. The idea is to choose something that stands out from your plain, beige T-shirt bras. Wear an oversized pullover or a wide-neck top with a peek of the bra to complete the outfit. All you need is a sliver of lace or a bright strap to deliver a fashionable or sexy statement.

innerwear as outerwear
3. Backless bodysuits

Bodysuits are our absolute favorite! They’re the perfect addition to your underwear-as-outerwear wardrobe, aside from the comfort of being wrapped in silky, sheer mesh. Look for a bodysuit with a unique back design. Because open-back blouses and tops are so popular right now, a bodysuit can easily be worn underneath to fill up the holes. Add a high-waisted skirt to the mix, and a flash of French lace or embroidery will take your look to the next level.

innerwear as outerwear
4. Camisoles

Silk camisoles are a simple way to transform your loungewear into outerwear. But why silk, specifically? It’s one among the world’s best fibers. It has a lovely sheen, is extremely durable due to its natural strength, and always looks elegant enough to be worn as an outerwear piece. To finish the outfit, throw on a stylish blazer or a warm cardigan over your silk camisole.

innerwear as outerwear
5. Corsets

You’re missing out on half the fun if you keep your corset collection hidden in the boudoir. Corsets can be worn in a variety of ways. Outside, wear a silk scarf across your shoulders or a satin blazer with an over bust corset. Alternatively, use a waist cincher over a little black dress to accentuate your curves and liven up an otherwise drab ensemble. To achieve a nipped-in waist, you don’t have to tie yourself too tightly. For easy mixing and matching, start with a black corset. 

innerwear as outerwear

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